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She is Coming Up With...

  • She is taking four underprivileged street children to Japan this summer.
  • Amrapali to staged in February, 2003.
  • Meghdoot - choreographed for Gitanjali, Toronto where young talented dancers took part.
  • Attending NABC Banga Sammelan at Atlanta, USA on 4th , 5th, 6th July.
  • Ohio, Cincinati on 20th July along with weeklong workshop.
  • Workshops, lecture demonstrations, performances in Canada where she will also stage a show for Calcutta Toronto Association in September, 2002. 

A program choreographed for the underprivileged children of Kolkata Emmanuel School.

The form of composition is universal too, inasmuch it does not rely on language but rather on the unifying effects of music and dance. The actual dance recital borrows heavily from the richness of ancient cultures e.g. while in India, Indian Classical Dance forms are used, in the West African Dance, Ballet and Indian Classical Dance Forms are fused together. Amrapali is an extremely challenging and demanding compostion.

In music Indian Classical Ragas Have been used but the expression is not entirely Indian.The musical composition is by the renowned sarod maestro Tejendra Narayan Majumder. Ustad Rashid Khan and seven other classical singers have lent support to create moods and to depict seasons. 

The story of Amrapali is about a woman who finds the true meaning of love - divine love and surrenders herself to the lotus feet of Lord Buddha.

Amrapali was the pride of Vaishali whose fame name reputation as the exquisite dancer spread far behind the fortress of Kingdom . 

Amrapali could not be possessed by an individual in thekingdom as vowed by the nobles. She belonged to Vaishali..

Amreapali invited Lord Buddha one day when he was passing by Vaishali. The Lord said the the feted hours were yet to come. 

When Bimbisara, the king of Magadha attacked Vaishali, he met Amrapali in disguise and fell in love. When Amrapali finds that the man whom she loves is the enemy king responsible for the death and misery of her countrymen she is shattered. She rejects him.

But Amrapali was branded as a traitor. She refused the love of her life only to be misunderstood by her own kith and kin .Amrapali is devastated. 

One day her cottage is flooded with a divine light. Lord Buddha appears beckoning her to come with outstretched arms. His confession effaced all her claims to fame , name and reputation. Amrapali offered herself to the feet of Lord Buddha. She woke up to a new life and love - eternal love.


Alokananda Roy conceived the Amrapali musical ballet five years ago. The storyline is timeless and universal. The message of peace , harmony, and the futility of war is sought to be conveyed.