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The Saveri Pallavi danced by Sanjukta’s senior most students, Alokananda Roy, followed Sanjukta Panigrahi’s Mangalacharan. She displayed her fine sense of rhythm understanding of music and exhibited her calibre in executing the enchanting poses.

The Statesman.

Alokananda Roy as Shyama immediately captured the hearts of the audience on her entry with the companions. Every moment of her limbs feet and eyes created an atmosphere beyond compare. Each time she entered the stage she fulfilled the audience in every way.


Alokananda portrayed the character with immense care and feeling projecting each word of the song intelligently, reflecting from one emotion to other with fluidity and grace. She has a style of her own which is different yet pleasing.

Aananda Bazar Patrika.

Alokananda Roy’s Amrapali will be long remembered. She danced as beautifully as her looks and her emotive expressions were touching.


As Promoda Alokananda Roy was vivacious with intense abhinaya and graceful dancing. She was magnificent not only as the vain and capricious moments but also as precise in the tragic moments.

The Statesman.

A dramatically tense moment was created by Alokananda Roy made her entry and stood adopting an Odissi attitude. The audience was then reminded of one of the Surasundari’s of Konark.

Economic Times.

Alokananda Roy was outstanding as Promoda her expressions regald viewers especially the abhinaya to Ke-dake Ami Kobhu.


Alokananda Roy as Bharat Mata along with her renowned Guru Shanjukta Panigraha as the soul of Mother India was remarkable in Shri Arobindo’s philosophy on Bankimchandra’s Bande Mataram. Alokananda was like a sculpture from the temple depicting the different forms of Bharat Mata down the ages.



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